Win a prize

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I’ve decided to run a little competition. Do you know those “count the jelly-beans in the jar” competitions? Well this one is like that but there are no jellybeans and no jar and you don’t have to buy a ticket.

All you have to do is predict the answer to the following question and you’ll be in the chance to win a copy of Tōku Reo, Tōku Ohooho by Chris Winitana.

How many followers will upokopakaru have by Puanga / Matariki?

How to enter

  • Just type your prediction into the comments field below. I’ll go first to show you how it’s done.
  • You must be a follower to enter the competition (or I can’t contact you) so make sure you’ve subscribed via Twitter, WordPress or email.
  • Only one guess per subscriber and only one subscriber per guess. (I’ll keep a running tally of guesses so no two people guess the same).


  • Your prediction must be given before midnight on the 28th February 2014 (NZ time).
  • The official answer will be the number on the counter (that appears on the right-hand bar of the website) at midnight on Friday 27th June 2014. This counter records all blog, twitter and email subscribers as ‘followers’.
  • The competition winner will be the person closest to the official answer (either higher or lower). If two guesses are equidistant from the official answer, then the higher answer is the winner (as a reward for optimism).
  • The competition winner will be announced on Saturday 28th June.

What to do with the four months between guessing and the competition cutoff?

  • If you’ve guessed high, you’ll probably want to bump up the numbers by telling your friends and whānau to become followers. If you know that someone probably won’t get around to it, you can cheekily enter their email for them (they’ll receive an email asking them to confirm or reject). Don’t do this to everybody though – I’ll get in trouble with the WordPress police and they’ll shut me down.

Guesses so far (all very optimistic – thanks!) so don’t duplicate:

  • 409 – Jonathan Wilson
  • 450 – Matiu J
  • 540 – Mamatarsh
  • 543 – Mamari
  • 554 – Stacey
  • 587 – Jamie 🙂
  • 611 – Whaea Roimata
  • 753 – Jules Venning
  • 780 – Jerry Edwards

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