About upokopakaru

I’m a teacher te reo Māori but since I’m a second-language speaker, I’ll also be a student for the rest of my life. Currently that involves post-graduate studies in te reo.

Upokopakaru started as a way for me to organise my notes and other idle musings – sometimes about what I’m learning, othertimes about what I’m teaching. It’s also a useful repository for cute phrases that I hear (but have no immediate use for) so that I don’t forget them.

But it’s also a way of sharing things I love with other people who love te reo too. There aren’t many resources for people like us – adequate speakers of te reo who want to get better, who gush over the beauty of a new word or are amused by a new turn of phrase.

Most of what I post will be about words and phrases I like, or I might have a rant about a knotty point of grammar. However you won’t find opinion pieces about the state of te reo blah blah blah… I’m really too busy learning te reo to bother convicing others of it’s merit.

And why is it called upokopakaru? If you’ve learnt te reo, you already know.


16 thoughts on “About upokopakaru

  1. Kia ora
    He kaiako, he tauira ahau hoki.
    He patai – is there a kupu or a kiwaha for sunny and cloudy together, there are words for cloudy and for fine days, is there anything for days that are both?
    Nga mihi

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