One, two, buckle my shoe

Since I was already thinking of numbers for my previous post, I thought I’d add some nice wee numeric phrases to add to your Keep-It-Simple  kete. You’re probably already familiar with the use of ordinals (first, second, third) within speeches and mihi.

Tuatahi, kei te mihi ki a … Tuarua, kei te mihi ki a ….
Firstly I acknowledge … Secondly I acknowledge…

Ko te take tuatahi… Ko te take tuarua
The first issue is… The second issue is …

But a tidy way to say essentially the same thing is to count the items with ka.

…ko ngā tikanga a Te Kāwana ka tahi, ko ngā ture a Te Kuini ka rua
first, the Governor’s decrees and secondly the Queen’s laws…

Ko ngā kaumātua ka tahi, ko ngā tamariki ka rua, ko koutou ka toru
Elders first, the children second, then the rest of you third

Another way to use numbers within a speech is to use a phrase like the one below. It’s particularly good to use as a transition from one topic to the next, similar to “now let’s move on to the next item on the agenda”.

Ka huri te tuatahi, ka tū ko te tuarua.
The first thing done, the second was embarked on.

The last little phrase has to do with comparing the value of something.

kia toru, kia whā rānei ngā taone pēnei me Ākarana, ka rite
…it was equivalent to three or four towns like Auckland…

He tāne kia rua pēnā i a koe ka rite
A man who’s worth two guys like you


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