Hit me with it

Here are some great uses for the word patu(a). Usually it means hit, strike, subdue or even kill, but it can also be used for verbal attacks.

Patua mai taku kupu
Deny what I say.

When you break it down it’s pretty obvious; you’re challenging someone to attack the validity of your statement but when translating to English we use the word deny or another type of non-physical attack like rebut, disprove, or refute.

I patua āna rangahau e te hunga mōhio
His research was contested by the academic community.

The other great use is in the phrase patu taringa, literally hit ears meaning to tell lies.

He tāne patu taringa i te ao, i te pō
He’s a bullshitter making up stories day and night.

Kei patua ōku taringa
Don’t tell me lies (or else)


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