Given the boot

I heard the word pei(a) a couple of times in conversation the other day and discovered it means to drive out or to banish.

Ka peia atu ia
He was banished

Ka peia whakamuri au e te huihuinga
I was driven backwards by the crowd

Even if I had known the meaning, I would never have thought to use it in these ways.

Kua peia tana tāne
She’s kicked out her husband

Kua peia ia i tana tūranga
She’s been fired/made redundant/demoted

Peia atu ō māharahara
Shake off your worries

I’ve only heard pei a few times in regular conversation, but I’ve heard whana or pana a lot in this context.

Kua whanaia ngā tamariki ki waho
The kids have been kicked out

I panaia rawatia te pōtiki i te kāinga
The youngest has finally been pushed out of the nest.

Oh… they’re translations of English; you don’t literally kick or push in these contexts. Well, now we know. If you want to give something the boot, pei it.

Peia atu ō whakamāori-ā-kupu
Get rid of your literal translations


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